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“I don’t know if this comfort in one’s own skin is special in the greater scheme of things, or just a special first experience for me, but not only by removing the male gaze and not having our bodies hypersexualized, I felt comfortable in a way I never have. Just the women letting it all hang out. It’s the first time I’ve sat (in the dirt) and not even thought about sucking my stomach in. I saw such a diversity in body types and a celebration of the beauty of our differences that I’ve never known before firsthand.” - Weird Sister

“I created Mothership was because I couldn’t find any events like it,” Wise said. “I was looking for an event that didn’t exist—a female-driven festival with music and workshops; a safe space for women, that was also inclusive.” - GO Magazine

"It’s something around 15% of all festivals [in 2016] had all-women acts on stage, and it was something like 75% of acts were all men. The rest was mixed-gender on stage. I wanted to counteract that and really turn it on its head. Only women are on our stage. All of our acts are 100% womxn" - MIC

"It’s feminist AND queer AND spiritual. You can do yoga , celebrate sacred adornments, and then go to a Kink workshop. Amazing, right?" - The Numinous

"These women will be doing everything from yoga to tattoos — everything you can think of that’s female-fronted. They’re putting together this effort to show everyone that we all have something in common: That we’re rad-ass bitches and we can make shit happen." - iRAWniQ / LA Times

"I’ve never been a huge camper, but this fall, I went to an all-women’s festival in Palm Desert called Mothership. Founded and run by lesbians (and with an open-door policy for any person who identifies partly or wholly as a woman), Mothership had vulva-driving workshops, feminist stick and poke tattoos, campfire singalongs!" - Trish Bendix / SLATE

"She loved the idea of creating a festival for women, by women, that balances festivity and substance while giving excellent artists a platform to show their work and connect.” - Laura Wise on MOTHERSHIP (formerly HER/LA) for After Ellen

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