Q: Do I get a specific camping spot assigned to me?

A: Our camping spots are NOT pre-assigned, but you are guaranteed plenty of space! Every ticket comes with ample camping space, campsites are not sold separately. We make it easy. When you arrive, you will check in and park, then head over to our grassy camping area. We have rented the entire site for you to enjoy! 10x10 Campsites will be marked off. Do us a solid and stay within the lines so that everyone can find space.

Q: How does this event work? What can I expect?

A: We have a little something for everyone. During the day we have workshops and events happening on mutiple stages from sun up - to sun down! At night we have live musical performances by badass women. There are also surprise elements and performances that we don't want to spoil for you. You will enjoy these experiences in a camping environment. You will need a tent or you can snag a set up from us on our ticketing website. We have the restrooms, food trucks, beverages and other necessities covered.

Q: What about electricity & water

A: There will be charging stations for your phone, and water at our beverage area.


Q: What should I bring?


A: Check out our packing list!

Q: Can men come ?

A: Our event welcomes anyone whom identifies as woman/womxn. Our community is inclusive of non-binary individuals and trans folks.

Q: What about food, water & booze?

A: We will have food trucks on site and some beverages on site! This is a campout so feel free to bring your own coolers with food, water, booze etc. Sorry no personal fires! The wifi is patchy so bring cash for trucks (ATMS are in town but not on site). We have asked each truck to make sure they have vegetarian options. There are grocery stores / restaurants etc in town less three miles away. Google the area and see what is available! We will have a donation-only bar and beverage area, benefiting The Tegan & Sara Foundation. There will be cocktails, beer, water and juices available there.

Q: Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

A: Must be 21+ to attend and have valid ID to drink. No minors.

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: NO REFUNDS. Sorry. We have to pay for your spot whether you show up or not. All funds go back into the event so if you don't make it, know you made the event even better with your donation.

Q: Is my ticket transferrable?

A: Our ticketing platform has graciously volunteered to help with ticket transfers until October 1rst. To Transfer your ticket email: hello@consciouscityguide.com

Q: Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

A: Please bring your printed ticket or digital ticket to our event. Your name will also be on our list if for some reason you forget.

Q: Can I bring my children or pet?

A: Our event is 21+ and not pet friendly, although there is a local golden retriever who is old, friendly and known to swing by. Please don't feed him.

Q: What's the deal with parking?

Your pass includes a camping spot, festival entry, all workshops and events - parking is purchased separately. We do this so that we can keep count of the cars on site and don't overflow the event. Cars will be close enough to the fest grounds and camping area for you to snag something you might need. No stress.

Q: I am coming from out of town! Help

A: Driving? You can snag anything you might need last minute in Indio, CA. There are supermarkets, target, wal-mart places that have gear and basics. Flying? Fly into Palm Springs, snag a lyft, uber or cab from there to 82950 61st Ave, Thermal, CA 92274. You can purchase a camping set up from us on our ticketing site. This way, your gear is ready when you arrive for ease - or bring your own!

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