• 3 Days, 2 Nights

    October 13-15, 2017

    82950 61st Ave, Coachella, CA 92274


    In Partnership with The Tegan & Sara Foundation

  • An inclusive community of women, claiming our power through workshops, art & music. Camping under the desert stars. Together we rise. Let's celebrate & unite around feminism.

    We invite you to join us...

    Tickets are Here.



    A Portion of our event proceeds will benefit the Tegan and Sara Foundation.

    Learn more about about how they support women and girls, here.


    One-of-a-kind events by day.... live bands & DJ's by night. As always, everything is 100% women-driven.


    We are the anti-mean girls

    the new wave riot grrrl


    LGBTQ encompassing,

    ultra-inclusive creatives

    who believe in the power of women supporting other women...


    We know a good time and expanding minds are not mutually exclusive, and thus MOTHERSHIP was born.


    We are an activist organization that creates kickass events for people whom identify partially or wholly as women/womxn and want to connect, collab and celebrate feminism.





    Who We Are

    MOTHERSHIP is a women's fest fit for 2017. We host a distinct, activated, network of women who have one thing in common: a belief that something special happens when hundreds of women gather together, outside of traditional society. We promote radical inclusion and self-expression. We also know that diversity is an asset to our community; our workshops, music and events reflect that. Share your unique gifts with the MOTHERSHIP community. Learn. Share. Grow. Celebrate.

    Workshops & Events

    Learn and Collaborate

    We pride ourselves on being wonderfully weird. That's why at MOTHERSHIP, we may have a panel on intersectional feminism followed by a BDSM workshop, vaping session and reiki healing event. There is something for everyone here. Empowering and educational, doesn't have to mean boring.

    Music & Entertainment

    Badass and Female-Driven

    MOTHERSHIP Curates the best in women's music. We bring together our favorite female performers, from a variety of genres, so that you can enjoy sounds you love while experiencing something new. We also engage other performers to enhance your experience such as fire dancing, ariel dancers and guest appearances. All women acts make up less than 15% of most festivals. MOTHERSHIP promises 100%. Lineup coming soon.


    We Make it Easy

    We highly encourage that you choose to camp on-site at MOTHERSHIP. Why? Because it brings people together. Our events are designed to build relationships and we want you to participate fully. This might mean getting a little dirty! Whether you love to camp, or have never camped a day in your life - we got you. We will have camping/glamping rentals available for those without gear. We have gourmet food options available for you, around the clock, via our delicious food trucks! Water on site. Restrooms & hand-washing stations. This year, our campsite is nestled next to a lake and our festival grounds, in beautiful Coachella Valley.

    Our Philosophy

    Acceptance and Respect

    Self Expression: We encourage every woman to express themselves freely within the context of our temporary community. Please bring your art, instruments, costumes and ideas. YOU are a gift.


    Respect: We believe in showing a deep level of respect one another, our staff of volunteers and the space. Respect at MOTHERSHIP involves leaving no trace, listening to one another, and abiding by all rules and regulations.


    Inclusion: We want everyone at MOTHERSHIP to feel supported and included. We encourage your participation in our events and workshops. Be bold, be brave and be accepting.


    Intersectional Feminism: We believe in organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests. We also recognize that women experience oppression in varying forms. Oppression is influenced by intersectional systems within our society such as race, class, & gender. Let's get together and slay the patriarchy, shall we?



    A Preview of our Daytime Programming

    Panel: Women's Sexuality in the Media

    "Sex sells," but are we buying it? We've gathered some amazing feminists to explore women's sexuality as it is portrayed in film, ads, music, tv, mags and our dear friend: the internet. How does this portrayal affect the wellness of women and how can we curve it's trajectory? Your participation is encouraged. This one is not to be missed.

    In Conversation with Tegan and Sara

    Brought to you by Tampon Tribe

    A fun, interactive panel about claiming your power in the musical sphere. Tegan and Sara will also discuss their new non-profit, The Tegan and Sara Foundation!

    Women With Superpowers

    A special conversation with Nitsa Citrine & Tasya Van Ree about their project, Women With Superpowers. A celebration of feminine as artist, activist, and healer. By harnessing the multi-dimensional and extraordinary qualities within us, we can begin to embody our own influence and create shifts and work to benefit the whole planet.

    Panel: Digital Activism

    Online activism is not only real, it's accessible to people who may not have the privilege of gathering within spaces like MOTHERSHIP. In this panel we will explore effective ways to educate and influence others via the web.

    Inner Empowerment Meditation and Yoga

    Confront and Conquer Fears through yoga, mindfulness and meditation. Yoga methods designed to help energize and rejuvenate. Find your happy. Lead by Lauren Bedford Russell RYT and Jewlz Shaffer, MA.

    Solo Traveler Meet-Up

    This event will take place Friday at 12pm (event opens at 11am). This is a great way to meet other solo, female, travelers at the event & make new friends. Also a nice way to connect with other women who are interested in solo travel. Find new buddies to explore the world with. Begin your MOTHERSHIP experience with new connections.

    Feminist Tattoos

    Feminist, semi-permanent tats and special custom pieces to commemorate your experience. We'll have some special designs or you can create your own!

    Bold Self Defense Class

    Learn basic self defense moves in a safe, empowering environment. Bold Alchemy is a multi-faceted healing practice that integrates, psycho dynamic feminist psychology and alternative wellness. Join this workshop to learn some new, kick-ass moves.

    Creativity Tent

    A special place to adorn yourself. Open all three days! Expect free costumes, apparel, glitter, paint, and women who are enthusiastic about self-love. This is the perfect space to explore new forms of self-expression. Featuring a Babes in Braids Bar: Nikki Frearson & Resident Costume Goddess: Jessica Reid

    Biggie Smalls: The Illest Feminist

    Joanna "Jojo" Benavides

    An exploration of rap music and feminism through the lens of Biggie Smalls. Is B.I.G. a feminist voice in a misogynistic landscape? In this workshop JoJo will explore her personal journey of being a Biggie fan and how it helped her find acceptance as an outspoken & unapologetic feminist.

    What's Goin' On: The State Of Feminism

    Want to learn more about feminism but not sure where to start? This panel will explore local and international women's movements and how you can get involved. Topics include: period stigma, gender equality, and policy change. This panel is stacked with a diverse group of activists and big thinkers and is sure to make for a lively discussion!

    Birth Justice and Empowerment Workshop

    Georgia Noonan BSN, RN &

    Pregnancy and child birth are arguably two of the most empowering phenomena a human being can experience-- the act of physically growing, developing and literally pushing new life into the world through the astounding portal of the female body. In this important workshop, Georgia will educate on female autonomy in childbirth, utilizing mother-nature and modern science.

    Embodied Meditation

    A guided meditation that included breath work, and movement to help you get reconnected with your body and internal truth. Join this meditation to drop into the event, spiritually and emotionally.

    Power to the Pen: Poetry Workshop

    Lex Ryan & Cory Klink

    Poetry is one of the most organic ways of expressing oneself. It’s a way of bringing life to our emotions and releasing them in a beautiful, empowering, constructive way. Everybody has a little poetry inside of them; sometimes it just takes a little coaxing. Grab a pen and paper and join this workshop to create a personal poetic creation. Guidance and prompt will be provided, sharing is optional.

    Empowering Your Inner Medicine Woman

    Kat Bagley, Mary Taylor Valand & Jess Weiner

    Find out how hemp will save the world with Nectar of the Goddess!

    Explore lesser and well-known medicine women throughout time. Learn more about our pagan ancestors, plant medicines which benefit the menstrual moon cycle. Learn tips on making your own body products to avoid toxins. Learn about hemp and explore natural resources that we must protect fiercely as the caretakers of this planet.


    Lioness presents: The Mothership of Orgasms

    Ever wonder what an orgasm looks like? Ever wonder what your orgasm looks like? Art, sex, and science meet in this interesting event! Together we will catch up on exactly what an orgasm is, how existing orgasm research is filled with gaps, and what we’re doing about it. We will display, discuss, and interact with the artistic orgasm visualizations of all our festival goers! Together we can create something big (and pleasurable).

    How To Drive a Vulva

    Learn how to navigate the twists and turns of female sexuality in a class designed for people of all genders. In this playful, informative 2-hour workshop lead by sapphic savant, Allison Moon, you will learn all the need to know info. You’ll come away with new confidence to please a vulva and the person it belongs to, no matter what your hands-on experience.

    Melt Into Mother Nature: Progressive Relaxation

    Kristy King

    Explore the practice of progressive relaxation. As you are taught relaxation techniques via contractions and release; participants will be guided through visual spoken imaginary. Transfer your mind to a relaxing "tranquil space." Connect to Mother Nature on another level.

    Please bring a yoga or sleeping pad to lay on, and an open mind.

    Somatic Shamanic Practices for Healing Womxn

    Michelle Kurta, Leah Garza, Nyrie Gharibian

    Trauma is sign that you are a resilient and beautiful survivor. As we shift into higher states of consciousness, womxn everywhere are being called to fierce leadership and to step into the full power of our beings. We must heal our trauma in order to remove the barriers between us and our greatest lives. In this workshop we will explore somatic and shamanic practices for healing trauma through grounding, love and compassion.


    Travel Warrior: The Good, the Bad and the Bold of Being a Solo Female Traveler

    As the world transmits messages that women should be confined to the "safety" of the home, we will explore boldly shattering that mold and entering the streets of foreign countries, desolate deserts and unexplored caves around the world. All the while encountering different characters ranging from heaven-sent guides to dick-flashing perverts. Our self-empowerment is strengthened when we adventure and rely on our wit, skill and intuition. In this 1hr workshop we will explore the good, the bad and the boldness in traveling solo.

    Babes Building Brands

    Jen Winston, founder of feminist social platform Girl Power Supply and former Creative Lead at BuzzFeed, will host a social media workshop to help womxn build their brands, become entrepreneurs, and take over the world (jk…but not really). The workshop will include advice and strategy for: building your brand on social social media, creating shareable content, and growing an audience across the social web. We’ll begin by outlining general best practices, then will workshop a few womxn's brands directly. You will leave the workshop with a clear vision for how to build your brand on social, as well as 2-3 content ideas.

    Throwback Yoga with Live DJ

    Goodboy + Jewlz Shaffer

    Jam out to female-driven 90's music, while flowing through an uplifting yoga session. This is a multi-level class for beginner to advanced yogis. Start your day with a special kick.

    Hand Drumming for Beginners

    Chris Gacsi

    Basic techniques & rhythms for djembe, ashiko, conga, & hand percussion instruments, drumming etiquette presented. Opportunities for developing creativity, rhythm sense, community, confidence, & meeting sister drummers in a safe, supportive space. *SOME* loaner & hand percussion available. First come, first served. Please bring a seat or camp chair.

    Micro-Dosing with a Marijuana Shaman

    Emily O'Brien

    Xanex no more. Explore micro-dosing with simple, organic edible marijuana products: Mondo-Meds! Learn about the current laws around recreational marijuana. Test products, ask questions, relax and enjoy with a pro. No coughing, no paranoia; just simple clean edible flower powder!

    Beginner Chess for Queens

    Janelle Obert

    As you know the queen is the most powerful piece on the chessboard. Chess is not only a game centuries old, but it historically dominated by men. This is due to nurture, not nature as women are proven to be just as good at this complex game. Janelle is dedicated to teaching women the workings of chess. Taking the mystery out of this fun game and making it accessible to all. First come, first served.

    Sunday Sunrise Drum Circle - All Levels

    Chris Gacsi

    Let's end our MOTHERSHIP experience on a powerful note. Drum to the sunrise. Ask questions, try out rhythms, experiment with drums & hand percussion, find YOUR rhythm/beat in the context of the drum circle, in a SAFE, supportive, fun setting. *SOME* loaner & hand percussion available. First come, first served. Please bring a seat or camp chair.

    The Healing Power Of Breath

    Marissa Twichell

    Breathwork is a powerful tool that can be used to heal, transform and release energy. From stuck emotions to healing on a deep cellular level this guided workshop will leave attendees feeling lighter and renewed.


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